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    BANDAI NAMCO 1 an E01751
  • Ride 2 (Xbox One) [UK IMPORT]
    Over 230 Bikes in 19 categories, over 30 tracks in 7 categories, 11 game play modes, more than 300 career events and than 30 different customizable parts for a tailored bike and rider Collect bikes to create your personal and stylish garage, choosing between the most important manufacturers, different bike models and categories of vehicles (Naked, Supersport, etc) Brand new tracks: Travel around the world in an amazing sequence of unique events: GP Circuits, Country Tracks and City Tracks. More than 30 tracks, including the legendary tracks and events like the Nrburgring Nordschleife, Macau, the Ulster GP and the Northwest 200 Structure: The structure of the game gives the player a deeper progression and always a new reason to play, thanks to the World Tour, the World Ranking and more exclusive Invitational Trophies Rewards: The skill points reached will be spent in a Reward Tree that grants the player prizes and bonuses (bikes, discounts, credits, etc)

Prix : EUR 30,00

RIDE 2 EN QUELQUES MOTS Plus de 170 motos De nouvelles catégories comme les Sport Bike 2 Strokes, les Supermotos et les Naked Café Racers 30 pistes différentes, avec propriétés topographiques uniques 18 des fabricants les plus importants du circuit Plus de 1 200 pièces personnalisables et plus de 600 livrées pour transformer VOTRE propre moto De nouvelles fonctionnalités sociales et de nouveaux Amis pour une expérience de jeu complèteVersion Anglaise – Jeu Jouable en Français

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